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Win Tone A type Galvanizied Broiler Chicken Battery Cage 0.00 USD In Stock
A type Galvanizied Broiler Chicken Battery Cage

A type Galvanizied Broiler Chicken Battery Cage #10629

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Product Name A type Galvanizied Broiler Chicken Battery Cage
Size 1600*620*420mm
Weight 0.0000 Kg
Category A Type
Brand Win Tone
Upload Date 2017-04-10

* The price depends on your configuration.

A type galvanizied broiler chicken battery cage features:

1.Investment of equipment is low

2.Bigger Living space

3.Easy to operate and maintain

4.Scraper manure removal system

5.Special made PVC feed trough can help t save feed of 1.5-2.0kg for each broilers

We supply the broiler chicken cages with different tiers and capacities based on customers requirement.


Technical Parameter:

Item No.





Q235 stainless wire

Surface Treatment


Electricity/Hot Dipped Galvanization



2/3/4 by client’s option







Installation Dimension



Rearing Period









1.Feeding system

1.Automatic Feeding System

1) Hot-dipped galvanized material,make the durability 15-20 years,never go rustiness.                                

2) Each row has an independent feeding machine,easy to operate,and the maintenance rate is very low.                   

3) Full-automatic cotroll,greatly labor-saving,one person can feeding all the birds in 10-15 minutes.


2.Drinking System 

1) Reasonable design,the water follow can be adjusted completely according to the water requirement of chickens.As a result,the manure is dry and convenient to move,ensure good environment of the chicken house. 

2) High quality suck nipple,no water leaking.  

3) High quality water pipe,never burst in winter. 

4) The height of young chicken cage's water piple can be adjusted according to the growth of chicken.    

5) Medicine can be added to the dringking  system. 


3.Ventilation and cooling system 

1)The cooling pad and fans consist of the ventilation and cooling system,make the temperature about 20-27°C all the year round. 

2) Fully automatic electric control,the runing of the fans are according to the temperature within the chicken house.When the temperature is higher than about 30°C in summer,all the fans will run itself.And when the temperature is lower than about 20°C,the fans will stop,leaving only two fans for ventilation.As the temperature raising,the quantity of running funs will change automaticlly,and the limited temperture can be set by yourself.                                                  

3) The air holes help to ventilate in winter,and all the cooling pad and fans can be shut off.                          

4) The cooling pad is make of high quality paper,it's very durable and Corrosion resistance.                              
5) Stainess steel fans with high quality.


4. Automatic Manure Removal System

With this kind of systematic help, after the dry excrement does the material content to be possible to enhance to 90%, therefore has created the ideal condition for the excrement safe memory or the later sale, some 4 -14, because its width is 1.75 m, therefore it has the large capacity characteristic.



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