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Win Tone YTZSF28-30 Corn Peeling, Grits and Flour Machine Set 5 (from 4 reviews) 1822.00 USD In Stock
YTZSF28-30 Corn Peeling, Grits and Flour Machine Set

YTZSF28-30 Corn Peeling, Grits and Flour Machine Set #10459

US$ 1822.00
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Model YTZSF28-30
Voltage 380V
Yield 500 KG/H
Size 1580×1460×1560 MM
Power 11 KW
Weight 430.0000 Kg
Category Single Machine
Brand Win Tone
Upload Date 2017-03-02

Corn peeling, grits and flour machine set usage:
1. Used in corn peeling, corn grits and flour milling, wheat peeling and flour milling, paddy peeling and sorghum peeling and flour milling. 
2. Suitable for small size of food processing factories in corn, wheat and sorghum peeling, grits and flour making. 

Working principle and features:
YTZSF28-30 corn peeling, grits and flour machine set mainly has two functions: corn peeling and corn grits making. The machine is installed a motor with 11KW, 380V, and can process 500kg of corn, wheat, sorghum and paddy per hour. 
This machine set is a combination equipment which consists of corn peeling, corn polishing, corn grits and flour making, end products classifying and winnowing. The clean raw grain is conveyed to the feeding inlet for peeling, degermination and black impurities removing and can be processed into corn kernels once. After smashing and mixture grading, the machine can produce three end products: medium grits, small grits and corn flour. Inside of the machine has highly efficient air draft chamber for collecting the corn skin from peeling process and further cleaning micro powder and micro impurities in the corn grits.

All dry processing technology:
This machine set adopts dry peeling technology. The products don’t touch water. Compared with wet peeling technology, this processing method is more sanitary.

Internally installed efficient winnowing and dust removal fan can remove and collect corn skin and the impurities and dust from grits processing, and then eliminate and collect these skins and impurities by cyclone. 
High yield, good effect
The discharging outlet of the peeling chamber can accurately control corn or wheat staying time in the peeling chamber by pressure valve. Ensure the effective friction with alloy roller so as to realize better peeling effect. 
Low energy consumption, wide usage
Assembled with peeling and grits and flour milling functions, the machine unit adopts 11KW motor as the power equipment to reduce input cost. It can be applied in corn, wheat and sorghum peeling, kernel and flour making. 

Tips of the machine set operation: 
Put a piece of magnet at the feeding inlet and form a simple magnetic separation system at the feeding inlet so as to adsorb the irony in the grains. 
Realize simple cleaning to the grain surface by utilizing internally installed blower.


Warranty period: Contract repairing, guarantee of replacement and returns within half a year from the date of the goods arrival.















Recent Reviews

May 25, 2017
by Steve
It is what I need in my maize grinding. Thanks!
Service's Reply:
Thank you for your support!
Apr 6, 2017
by John Mungo
Works wonderfully! Great display. Definitely a great buy!
Service's Reply:
Thank you
Jun 29, 2016
by John
Service's Reply:
Thank you
Apr 27, 2016
by Ikamva Lethu
This one arrived in perfect condition. It is fast, responsive and does everything I expected it to do. If you are looking for a fast, attractive and versatile 2 in 1 this is probably your best choice.
Service's Reply:
Thank you
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