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Pumpkin Seeds Shelling Machine

Pumpkin Seeds Shelling Machine #10442

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Model WTHP01
Voltage 380 V
Capacity 200-300 KG/H
Yield 500 KG/H
Size 6.5*2.9*3.5 M
Power 8.19 KW
Weight 2500.0000 Kg
Category Nuts Hulling Machine
Brand Win Tone
Upload Date 2017-02-23

Pumpkin seeds, which are also known as pepitas, are flat, dark green seeds. Some are encased in a yellow-white husk (often called the "shell"). In daily life or industrial production, we always need to dehull the pumpkin shell. Pumpkin seeds shelling machine can dehull, separate and select pumpkin seeds efficiently. 

Pumpkin seeds shelling machine has he following features:
1. It adopts wet method to shell pumpkin seeds.
2. It has higher shelling rate and less broken rate compared with the old type. 
3. It adopts recycling shelling method. 
4. It uses negative selection method in husk collection instead of blowing method and reduces dust. 
5. It increases the separation and sieving size and makes the kernels separated completely. 
6. It has compact structure and low energy consumption. 

pumpkin seeds shelling machine.jpg

Technical parameter of pumpkin shelling machine:
Power: 8.19kw(380v)
% of whole kerenls:95% min. (kernels that are less than 1/2 whole kernels are brokens)
% of inshell in final kernels: 2% maximum
Input capacity: 200-300kgs/hour
Space occupied: 6.5m×2.9m
Height: 3.5m
Weight: 2.5mt

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